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Nutritionist & Naturopathy

A Naturopath seeks to understand and evaluate full body health and wellbeing to find the cause of disease. We believe that ‘symptoms’ (pain, low energy, stress, bloating, skin complaints, anxiety, weight gain) are the body’s way of telling us that something is not functioning correctly. This is why we aim to find the source of the symptom so that we can resolve the underlying cause.

To do this we thoroughly assess a patient’s current health status and past medical history. Through the use of diagnostic techniques including iridology, assessing blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate, temperature and inflammatory markers so that we can assess nutritional deficiencies and find the cause of the health complaint.

Naturopathy uses nutrient based supplementation, herbal medicine, stress management techniques as well as implementing diet and lifestyle changes so that patients feel healthier and happier from the inside out.

Our Nutritionist/Naturopath can help with;
· Weight Loss
· Stress management
· Anxiety and Depression
· Autoimmune conditions
· Chronic Health Conditions
· Fatigue and energy depletion
· Lowering disease risk factors
· Immune dysregulation: hay fever and sinusitis
· Digestive complaints: Bloating, aches and pains
· Skin complaints: Acne, eczema, Psoriasis and dermatitis
· Insomnia and sleeping issues including onset and maintenance

Here's just some of the food YOU could be eating!!
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